Korby's first televised author interview

Korby was interviewed on Portland station KATU's show AM Northwest. Host Helen Raptis asked Korby about his alleged big head and the nature of being on tour with a cat. Watch the interview here.

Medium Hero National Book Tour begins today.


Get your Audio Autograph for Medium Hero

In the spirit of this quirky collection of short stories, I wanted to do something equally quirky for anyone who picks it up. SO, I'm trying this thing I call the Audio Autograph. What it means is, I'm sending a one-of-a-kind, personalized song to every person who buys a copy. It's an experiment, see? All you have to do is 1) purchase a copy of Medium Hero on amazon or your local bookstore and 2) send a picture (or forward an email) of the receipt to marketing@turnerpublishing.com . Sometime this December, we'll film me playing you a personalized song and send it your way. Fun right? Get at it! And if you like info, there's more of that here.

Medium Hero is out today on Turner Publishing

Order your copy today! Korby's first book is now available everywhere! Out on Turner Publishing, Korby's collection of 27 short stories is getting rave reviews from all comers! Says National Book Award winning author Tim O'Brien, Medium Hero is "distinctive, disarming, entertaining, and completely convincing. Apple Computers co-founder Steve Wozniak called Korby's stories "clever and well-crafted, with a tendency to linger in your mind long after you've finished reading. And Kirkus Reviews said that Medium Hero is "a quick, pleasurable set of short stories that track the emotional and intellectual struggle of several young men." These handsome books are perfectly sized to fit in your back pocket (or stocking!) and are just another iteration or Korby's quirky, heartfelt talent.

Kickstarter Campaign for Korby's New Album begins today

Very excited to announce the launch the kickstarter campaign for Korby's new album! Entitled "Thousand Springs", this new full length record will be recorded in Twin Falls Idaho - Korby's childhood home - and Nashville Tennessee. Watch the compelling video and see if the project speaks to you. Brand new music from Korby Lenker!

Korby at the Southern Festival of Books

Korby both performs a set of music and makes his first appearance as an author on an official Southern Festival of Books panel. Entitled "Unmasking the Ordinary: Textured Reading from Layered Lives," Korby will discuss his writing process and details from his forthcoming book Medium Hero. This event is a Nashville tradition and is open to the public.
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@rodneyjcrowell got #MaryKarr to sing! @porchtn benefit at Green Door Gourmet
Spent 2 weeks playing #BadBlood by myself on a ukulele while driving in a rental car through 7 states just so I could play it with these two megas at @muscornernash 's @taylorswift tribute tonight. @jamlin and @highceilingsmusic thanks for going full on with me, when it counted ⚡️⚔🔮 #nashville
Guess what I'm playing a @taylorswift song on ukulele with some friends tomorrow night in Nashville. Which one though? 🤔
We had a full house in San Francisco last night. I had no idea when I set out on this thing if anyone would come, but, well I keep being surprised. Old friends, new friends, fans from back when. Thanks @greenapplebooks for taking a chance on me, and thank you to everyone who's come to an event, bought a book, and kept the dream of the independent bookstore alive and thriving. 🔥📖💫
cold pacific ocean, hot shoe laces
Today, Tues Feb 2, in San Francisco at Green Apple Books on the Park, 7pm. #MediumHero
Was well mannered for my interview with Helen at AM Northwest this morning, speaking in complete sentences and laughing at the appropriate moments. It was very TV. #Portland #MediumHero2016
Packed house in Portland, with really great sets by Anna Tivel and Jeffrey Martin. Mom, come on up here and be in the band photo. Next show is this Tuesday in #SanFrancisco at Green Apple Books, 7pm. 9th avenue location. Last one of this West Coast book tour for #MediumHero !
Remind me to tell you about this painting sometime
Thanks @seasecretshows for last nights sold out show on Lake Union! Kristen, Carrie, Ben, Heather, Abby, Jason, John, Piper, Violette, and artists @leviware and @emilygdonohue - rad how many talented peeps came together to make a good thing happen 🙌🏻 photo by @jktang , @seamusicinsider
Thanks Seattle. Thanks @elliottbaybookco for letting me share the writing version of me. The music version of me is tomorrow, courtesy of @seasecretshows . There are 8 tickets left. Get you one.
Different city, Is the only difference
Introducing the limited edition MEDIUM HERO 2016 tour poster! Between car drives and plane rides I've been working with the team at @mofdesign to make a special one-of-a-kind poster for the Medium Hero Tour. I wanted something that captured the theme of the book and the sometimes-confessional quality of the stories within. I think Frank Germano at MOF captured that perfectly. Jonah is to Whale as Korby is to Piranha, no? Each 4 color silk screened poster is printed on natural heavy stock paper, and sells for $20 plus shipping. Click on the store at korbylenker.com to order. I'm selling them at events too and I only have 45 left..
It's like looking in a mirror..
Make no mistake, the woman on left is a gladiator. Chris O'Harra has been running the show at @auntiesbooks in Spokane - defying the odds and Amazon - for more than 35 years. Aunties is one of the charmingest (and biggest!) Indy bookstores I've visited on this #MediumHero2016 tour. At right is events coordinator Heather Smith, known throughout the inland northwest for her disarming wit and for strong-arming her pretty friends into attending events with lesser-known authors. Love these ladies.
Story of my childhood. Raised on the #offbrand
Started the day off reading the article in the @spokesmanreview for my reading tomorrow at @auntiesbooks (7p). At the same time, mom was preparing tonight's dinner with a sweet brown sugar rub.
Me and mom are stoked to be in Alta Wyoming tonight. My host Don Rad made a banner so people know which long snowy driveway to come down. Been looking forward to this cabin concert since Halloween!
Last night was for reals in Sun Valley. Thanks @iconoclast_books . And thanks movers and shakers Kristine and Sarah. And thanks to this Tshirt which never stops being funny.
Mom's riding shotgun, punching in email addresses from the last couple of cities. She flew in to Boise yesterday to join me for the next week of shows. As if this #mediumherobooktour wasn't already party enough 🔥⚡️👊🏻🙈
1. Thank you Kim and Katie at @rediscoveredbooks for hosting me 2. Thank you #Boise for packing the house (!) 3. Thank you mustard sweater for occupying almost 1/3 of this photo 🙌🏻
#tbt to 11 days ago, when I read at @clubpassim in Boston and @susancmusic interviewed me about songs, stories and the creative calling. 📷: @therealmeandthee
We had such a good time at the show tonight we just had to have our picture taken together. Highland High, you guys are alright 👌🏻
It's good to go back to where you come from, when where you come from is Idaho. Tonight I'm in Pocatello at Highland Highschool Thursday in Boise at @rediscoveredbooks 7p Friday in Sun Valley at @iconoclast_books 7p #Idaho #mediumherobooktour
About to go live on @fox13 .news in Salt Lake City to talk about #MediumHero and the reading I'm doing tonight at @kingsenglishbookshop at 7pm. Not excited at all, nope
I spent 4 of the 18 hours I was home playing the baritone ukulele I bought yesterday! I love it and I'm taking it with me....#SaltLakeCity #Pocatello #Boise #SunValley #Missoula #Spokane #Seattle #Bellingham #Portland #SanFrancisco I'm coming for you, starting tomorrow. #mediumherobooktour
Just wrapped an episode for PBS's #SongsAtTheCenter. It was fun and it's airing next month on your television shaped device. That's Katie and Savannah from @theaccidentalsmusic . They were great. If you're in Nashville go see them at the Basement this Wednesday with @arcandstones . Now I'm going to meet someone in a mall parking lot to buy a baritone ukulele. I love having something to look forward to
Thanks to the @idahostatesman for the long and, well, pretty damn accurate article on me and #MediumHero. I'm doing a reading in Boise Thursday Jan 21 at @rediscoveredbooks and another Friday Jan 22 in Sun Valley at @iconoclast_books . Can't wait to be back home..
It was cold in Buffalo tonight, with the kind of wet snow that goes through your shoes. But the reading at @talkingleavesbooks felt good. The door opened with a slow creak and it was warm inside and smelled like old books. Bright light shone from long overhead tubes and below were those mint green and white checkered bakelite tiles like you sometimes see in old southern kitchens. People came. I played a new song and read Bird Crush and felt like my timing and flow are getting better. After the reading, I went across the street to the famous local diner and squeezed into a booth with three new friends and talked about zydeco music. Ron plays accordion in a band. While we ate we got to talking about accordions - keyboard and pushbutton - and we talked about the dance circuit in upstate New York and then we finished eating and went back to his house. Ron got his push button accordion out and played for me. It sounded like dancing. I listened for awhile and then I took a picture of him because I liked the look on his face when he played. A thinking searching kind of face. Then I went upstairs and did some emails and punched this note out on my phone and now I'm going to sleep.
Reading tonight at @loganberrybooks in Cleveland at 7p. In my imagination that wreath looks like a halo which I assure you is entirely appropriate
02.10.16, 6pm
Indianapolis, IN
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album Hidden Lakes.
02.11.16, 6:30pm
Chicago, IL
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and plays songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
02.12.16, 7pm
Milwaukee, WI
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes."
Barrington, IL
private event
02.14.16, TBA
St. Paul, MN
Musician's Corner - Valentines Day Special - $20 suggested donation per couple
Special intimate Valentine's Day Show. Suggested Donation $20 per couple. RSVP for reserve your table and get address.
02.15.16, 7pm
Minneapolis, MN
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his award-winning catalogue. Teague Alexy opens.
02.16.16, 6:30 pm
Des Moines, IA
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his award-winning catalogue. 6:30 pm
02.17.16, 7 pm
Iowa City, IA
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes."
02.17.16, 1:50 AM
Kansas City, MO
Folk Alliance International - Badge Rqd
Showcase in Momentary Love Management 1:50AM room #601
02.18.16, 12:10am
Kansas City, MO
Folk Alliance International - Badge Rqd
12:10am in Moors and McCumber showcase rm #
02.18.16, 11:30pm
Kansas City, MO
Folk Alliance International - Badge Rqd
MPRESS Showcase 11:30pm Rm #542
02.19.16, 10:30pm
Kansas City, MO
Folk Alliance International - Badge Rqd
Showcase 10:30pm Friday Craig Grossman Rm#
02.19.16, 11:50 pm
Kansas City, MO
Folk Alliance International - Badge Rqd
11:50pm Ken Gaines Showcase rm #633
02.19.16, 3:30pm
Kansas City, MO
Folk Alliance International - Badge Rqd
with Devon Sproule and Madison Malone 3:30pm Wisconsin Room
02.20.16, 10:50pm
Kansas City, MO
Folk Alliance International - Badge Rqd
Showcase 10:50pm Saturday Moors and McCumber Rm#
02.21.16, 5pm
Des Moines, ID
Gravel Road Concerts - $20 suggested donation
First show of the Doers and Dreamers Tour featuring Megan Slankard and Alex Wong. Doors at 4p music at 5p. Email to reserve your seat and receive address.
02.23.16, 7:30 pm
Chicago (Evanston), IL
S P A C E - $12 - $22
Second date of the DOERS AND DREAMERS TOUR with Alex Wong and Megan Slankard. Doors at 6:30p, music at 7:30p. Tickets $12 - $22 advance purchase recommended. Buy tix here.
02.24.16, 7pm
Spring Lake, MI
Seven Steps Up - $20 reserved seats $30 reserved table seats
Doers and Dreamers Tour with Alex Wong and Megan Slankard. Join us for this special evening of award-winning songs, great playing and harmony singing. Limited seating. Reserve yours here.
02.26.16, 8pm
Washington, DC
Stone Room Concerts - $20, $10 students
Korby Lenker, Megan Slankard & Alex Wong: The Doers and Dreamers Tour Doors at 7p, music at 8p.
03.06.16, 8pm
Atlanta, GA
03.07.16, 7pm
Mabelton, GA
FLEURYHOUSE - #20 Suggested Donation
Doers and Dreamers Tour with Megan Slankard and Alex Wong! Email to reserve your seat.
02.05.16, 8pm
Nashville, TN
BAND TOGETHER 1989 at City Winery - $35 - 75
Band Together 1989, featuring songs from Taylor Swift's album 1989 or from the year 1989. Featuring Matthew Perryman Jones, Aubrey Peeples, Griffin House, Morgan Myles, Zeke Duhon and more. Benefit for Musician's Corner in Nashville. 6p doors, 8p start. Tix $35 - 75.Buy Tickets
02.02.16, 7p
San Francisco, CA
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his newest album, Hidden Lakes. Event is free and begins at 7p.
01.31.16, 7pm
Portland, OR
WHITE EAGLE - $10 adv
Korby plays songs from his latest release and reads from his book Medium Hero. "Hidden Lakes"
with Anna Tivel
and Jeffery Martin. Buy Tickets
01.30.16, tba
Seattle, WA
SEATTLE LIVING ROOM SECRET SHOW - $15 suggested donation
Korby plays a show for venerated series Seattle Living Room Shows. Details tba
01.29.16, 7pm
Seattle, WA
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.28.16, 6:30p
Bellingham, WA
Korby does a reading for Medium Hero and a music performance. 6:30pm. Tickets are $5, available here.
01.27.16, 7pm
Spokane, WA
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.24.16, 3pm
Missoula, MT
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes." 3pm
01.23.16, 7:30pm
Alta, WY
DON RAD'S - Suggested donation $15. RSVP by email for venue address. dradkoski@gmail.com
Korby returns to the Jackson Hole basin to perform at Don and Susan's house. Potluck at 6pm, music begins at 7:30. Email to reserve your seat. We'll email you venue address.
01.22.16, 7pm
Sun Valley, ID
Korby does a reading of Medium Hero performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes." 7pm
01.21.16, 7pm
Boise, ID
Korby does a reading of Medium Hero and a short music performance. 7pm Free.
01.20.16, 7pm
Pocatello, ID
Korby returns to Highline. 7pm. $3 for Students. $10 GA
Salt Lake City, UT
Book Reading and music performance for Medium Hero. Doors 6:30. Reading begins at 7pm.
01.17.16, 1pm
Worthington, OH 43085, OH
McConnell Arts Center - No charge
Songs at the Center
(Taping for Public Television Show)
Season 2 Finale shoot of PBS series "Songs at the Center. Come be part of the television audience!
Korby will appear alongside Willie Phoenix, Brennen Leigh, Steve Goodie and more.
01.16.16, 7pm
Columbus, OH
Heindog's Private - whatever Dave says
intimate gathering with friends and songs. By invite only.
01.15.16, 1pm
Youngstown, OH
Korby reads from Medium Hero and plays a few songs from his forthcoming album "Hidden Lakes."
01.15.16, 5pm
Youngstown, OH
SUZIE'S DOGS AND CRAFTS - Free to students
Korby performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes."
01.14.16, 7pm
Buffalo, NY
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.13.16, 7pm
Cleveland, OH
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.11.16, 6:30pm
Doylestown, PA
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.10.16, 2 PM
Boston, MA
Korby reads from his new book Medium Hero and plays from his latest Album "Hidden Lakes."
01.09.16, 7pm
Chapel Hill, NC
Queen Carol's - $15 suggested donation
Korby performs songs from his most recent album "Hidden Lakes" plus other favorites. Limited seating. RSVP here to ensure your spot.
01.09.16, 2 pm
Pittsboro, NC
Korby reads from and discusses Medium Hero. Additionally, he will perform a few songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.08.16, 6 pm
Arlington, VA
Wine tasting at 6p. At 6:30p Korby reads from and discusses Medium Hero. Additionally, he will perform a few songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.04.16, 7p
Franklin, TN
KIMBRO'S CAFE - Williamson Co Democratic Party Fundraiser - $10 suggested donation
Come out and support! with Claudia Nygaard. Korby at 7p, Claudia at 8p.
12.01.15, tba
Nashville, TN
Parnassus Books - BOOK RELEASE FOR MEDIUM HERO! - Free
Come celebrate the official release of Medium Hero! I'll do a reading and sign some books and probably play a song or two. An exciting day for me, I hope you can come!
Millsboro, DE
The Independence
with Jesse Terry, Sol Knopf, Craig Bickhardt. Details TBA.
Courtlandt Manor, NY
The Music Room
with Jesse Terry. More info TBA
11.20.15, 8p
Mt Airy, MD
Susie and Soda - $20 suggested donation
With Jesse Terry. $20 suggested donation. Doors at 7p. Music at 8p. Very limited seating RSVP to reserve yours
11.19.15, 8pm
Philadelphia (Phoenixville), PA
Steel City Coffeehouse - $15 adv $18 day of show
In the Round with Jesse Terry, Lizanne Knott. Doors at 7pm. Music at 8p. Tickets $15adv $18 day of Buy tickets here.
11.17.15, 8pm
Spring Lake, MI
Seven Steps Up - $20 - 30
with Jesse Terry. A pindrop concert. Limited seating, buy tickets here.
11.14.15, 1am Musical Chairs Showcase
Kerhonkson, NY
NERFA - $110 for FAI Members
Musical Chairs Showcase 1am
11.13.15, 11:45p Cup of Joe Showcase
Kerhonkson, NY
NERFA - $110 for FAI Members
Cup of Joe Showcase 11:45pm
11.12.15, 12:15 - 12:45 Jane's Joint Showcase
Kerhonkson, NY
NERFA - $110 for FAI Members
Jane's Joint Showcase 12:15 - 12:45
11.11.15, 8pm
Galway, NY
Cock and Bull - See website
with David Moss. Doors 7p, music at 8p.
11.10.15, 7:30pm
Albany, NY
David Moss' Uncle's Friend's House Concert - $20 suggested donation
with David Moss. Doors at 7p Music at 7:30.
Limited Seating. RSVP to reserve yours.
11.08.15, 7:30pm
Asbury Park, NJ
Rosie's Cafe - $20 suggested donation
Solo Show. Doors 7p. Music begins at 7:30. $20 suggested donation. Limited Seating, RSVP to reserve and receive address.
10.31.15, TBA
Nashville, TN
Killer Nashville - $150 for one-day ticket
Korby plays at the Killer Nashville Writer's Conference. Buy tix here.
10.10.15, 4:30PM
Nashville, TN
Southern Festival of Books - Signing - Free
Korby signs copies of his forthcoming book Medium Hero with most likely a black Sharpie.
10.10.15, 1PM
Nashville, TN
Southern Festival of Books - Performance - Free
As part of the celebration for his forthcoming book Medium Hero, Korby performs with keyboardist Lucas Leigh at the Music stage at War Memorial Plaza. Corner of 6th and Charlotte
10.10.15, 3pm
Nashville, TN
Southern Festival of Books - Panel Discussion - Free
Panel discussion for Medium Hero at SFB. Unmasking the Ordinary: Short Stories of Layered Lives with Korby Lenker, Cate McGowan, Michael Gerhard Martin. At the Nashville Public Library Banner Room.
09.26.15, 7:30pm
Marietta, GA
Fleury HC - $20 suggested donation
Solo show at House of Jason. Limited space. RSVP here to reserve your seat. We will email you the address.
09.19.15, 7p
Scipio Center, NY
Solo Show. Doors at 6p. Music at 7p. RSVP here.
09.12.15, 8p
Kanno HC - TBA
Korby plays a house concert in Hamburg. Limited Seating, RSVP to reserve yours.
09.11.15, 8pm
Koenig HC - TBA
Korby plays a house show in Uelzen. Doors 7pm. Music at 8pm. Limited Seating. RSVP to reserve yours.
09.10.15, 8pm
Music starts at 8pm.
09.07.15, 8:30p
Cardiff, WALES
The Brewhouse - Free
Korby appears on Big Scott Radio's Original's Night.
09.05.15, 8pm - 10pm
Treherbert, WALES
The Dunraven Hotel - 10 suggested donation
Solo Acoustic performance. Doors 7p. Music at 8.
09.04.15, 8pm - 10pm
Bethlehem, WALES
Village Hall
Solo acoustic at Bethlehem Hall.
Doors at 7p. Music at 8p.
Limited Seating RSVP here for your tickets.
09.03.15, 7:30pm
Sunderland UK
The Independent
The gathering
Doors at 6:30p. Music at 7:30p.
09.02.15, 7:30
London UK
The Harrison
with Andew Butler, The Worry Dolls, and more.
Doors at 7p.
Music at 7:30
08.23.15, 7p
Seattle (Woodenville), WA
Chateau Ste Michele - Opening for Chris Isaak - $55 - $85
opening for Chris Isaak. Click here for more info.
08.21.15, 7:30pm
Jacksonville, OR
08.05.15, 8p
Bellingham, WA
Green Frog Acoustic Tavern - $10
Korby returns to Bellingham Washington, to play Bellingham's best listening room, The Green Frog. with Jesse Terry. Doors 7p. Music at 8p. Tickets are $10.
Seattle, WA
Private house show
with Jesse Terry. email to reserve your seats
08.02.15, 8pm
Seattle, WA
Columbia City Theater - $10 adv $12 at the door
Very excited to share this theater show with Jesse Terry and Seattle favorite Zarni de Wet. Doors 7pm. Music starts at 8p. Limited Seating. Get your tickets today. BUY TIX
08.01.15, 8pm
Bainbridge Island, WA
Treehouse Cafe - $12 adv $15 at the door
with Jesse Terry. Door open 7pm. Music starts 8pm. $12 adv $15 at the door. BUY TIX
07.31.15, 8pm
Portland, OR
Alberta Rose Theater - $12 advance
with Jesse Terry and Tyler Fortier. Join us for this very special show in Portland's premier venue. Doors open at 7p. Music begins at 8p.
Buy Tickets Here.
07.30.15, 7:30pm
Sandpoint, ID
DiLuna's - $10
with Jesse Terry. Doors at 5:30 pm music at 7:30.
Tickets $10, available at DiLunas or by calling 208.263.0846. Reservations required in order to ensure seating. Dinner served before the show.
07.29.15, 7:30 pm
Spokane, WA
Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill - $10
Korby plays the first date of his summer tour with Jesse Terry. Doors at 7p. Music at 7:30. Tickets $10.Buy Tickets Here
07.20.15, 7p
Twin Falls, ID
Daisher HC - Pay what you want donation
Korby plays a special show in the town where he grew up, in sight of the ramp where Evil Kineval tried to leap the Snake River Canyon. Come hang and have fun with us. RSVP to reserve your seat!
07.19.15, 5pm
Stanley, ID
Music from Stanley - Free
Korby plays a set at Redfish Lake Lodge as part of the Music from Stanley series. Parts of Korby's set will be rebroadcast on regional NPR. Music runs from 5 - 7pm.
07.18.15, 8p
Sun Valley, ID
Paradox House Concert - $20 suggested donation
Korby performs at the Paradox House Concert on Chocolate Gulch Dr. Benefit for the Hunger Coalition. Doors at 7p. Music at 8. The Hunger Coalition is a 501(3)c non profit organization and all cash contributions are tax deductible. Please consider a generous donation. RSVP to reserve your seat and receive address.
07.17.15, 7pm
Pocatello, ID
Leavitt Center - $10 adv $12 at the door
A special acoustic evening featuring Korby and Southeast Idaho's own Aaron Ball. Doors at 7. Music at 7:30. Tickets available here.
07.16.15, 6p
Boise/Eagle, ID
Crooked Fence Brewery - Free
Korby plays a free show at a Crooked Fence Brewery's Crooked Flats location. Music from 6 - 8pm.
07.15.15, 8p
Driggs, ID
The Ides of July - $20 suggested donation
Korby plays the first annual Ides of July Festival, one part mountain bike ride, one part concert, all parts fun. Benefit for Mountain Bike the Tetons. $10 -20 suggested donation.
07.14.15, 6pm
Salt Lake City, UT
Cliff House Gastro Pub - Free
Korby plays Happy Hour with Matthew Bashaw. Join us at this intimate listening room!
06.27.15, 8p
Kennesaw, GA
Dana Scopa HC - $20 suggested donation
Doors at 7p. Music at 8p. Very limited seating, email us to reserve your seat.
06.20.15, 6pm
Nashville, TN
The Bluebird - Free
with Mare Wakefield, Chris Gelbuda, Kira Small. Will sell out get your reservations ASAP
06.01.15, 7p
Nashville, TN
05.26.15, 7p
Kerrville Folk Festival, TX
Kerrville Folk Festival - $26.50
Korby performs at the Sundown Concert at Kerrville Folk Festival. Threadgill Theater.
05.15.15, 9p
Fairbanks, AK
Blue Loon - $10
Korby plays a special engagement at the Blue Loon in Fairbanks. Tix $10 at door.
05.02.15, 7p
Marshfield, WI
Vox Concert Series - $12 adv $15 at door
with David Berkley. $12 adv $17 door. Tickets available here.
05.01.15, 6p
Woodbury, MN
Musician's Corner - $15 suggested donation
6p dinner 7p doors. Limited seating.
Email to reserve your seat now
04.30.15, 9p
Minneapolis, MN
Aster Cafe - $7
Korby returns to the Aster Cafe. Music begins 9p. $7 cover.
04.29.15, 7p
Madison, WI
Crescendo - $5adv $7 day of
with Corey Hart. Limited seating buy tix here.
04.28.15, 8p
Chicago, IL
Uncommon Ground - $7
with Katie Todd. $5 Reserve seating by calling 773-929-3680. Korby plays at 8.
04.26.15, 6p
Des Moines, IA
Gustafson HC - $15 suggested donation
Music starts early! 6p for the kids.$15 suggested donation. Reserve your seat by emailing here.
04.25.15, 8p
Washington, IA
JP's 207 - $10 suggested donation
Korby returns to Studio 909. $10 suggested donation. Email here to reserve your seat.
04.18.15, 7:30pm
Greensboro, NC
Music at Big Purple - $15 suggested donation
Korby returns to Music from the Big Purple. Doors 7p. Music starts at 7:30. Seating is limited. RSVP here.
04.17.15, 8pm
Falls Church, VA
Stone Room Concerts - $20
with Birds of Chicago. Buy Tickets here
04.16.15, 7pm
Sterling, VA
Sugarland Run - $15 suggested donation
6:30 Doors. 7pm show. $15 Suggested Donation. RSVP to reserve your seat.
04.15.15, 8p
Washington, DC
The Treehouse Lounge - $10 adv, $13 day of
with Save the Acadian and The Duskwhales Tickets $10 adv $13 day of. Available here.
04.14.15, 7p
Asbury Park, NJ
The Saint - $15
with Rod Picott, Jess Klein. Tickets $15 adv, limited seating. Buy tickets here.
04.12.15, 4p
New York, NY
Rockwood Music Hall - $5 suggested donation
Special afternoon show at Rockwood Stage 1. Korby plays at 4pm.
04.11.15, 8p
Philadelphia, PA
Pacifico HC - $15 suggested donation
House Concert at Mike Pacifico's. Open to public, just send an email to Mike to reserve your seat.
03.26.15, 8pm Central Time
LIVE on CONCERT WINDOW - Pay what you want
Excited to be returning to Concert Window as part of their Concert Window All-Stars Week! You can watch it from anywhere - your phone, your home, your ipad, best of all, it's pay-what-you-want. So you can't lose. I'll be playing songs from my new record, which I'm planning right now....see you Thursday!
03.20.15, 7:30pm
Austin, TX
Pfieffer's - $20 suggested donation
One of my favorite places to play!
Limited seating. RSVP to reserve your spot.
03.17.15, 7:30pm
San Antonio, TX
Wolverton Home Concerts - $10 suggested donation
Solo show. Limited Seating. Call 210.473.9062 to reserve yours or send an email.
03.15.15, 3pm
Hondo, TX
Stoney Ridge Ranch - $20 suggested donation
Hill Country Concerts at Stoney Ridge Ranch. Doors at 3p. Music at 3:30. $20 suggested donation. RSVPfor seating .
03.14.15, 6:30 pm
Cedar Park, TX
Dave and Margee's HC - $20 suggested donation
Doors at 6:30 Music at 7p. Space is limited (25 to 30). RSVP by email and let us know how many will be attending.
03.12.15, 7:00pm
Columbus, MS
The Cedars HC - $15 suggested donation
Doors 7p. Music 7:30p. Limited Seating. RSVP to ensure you have a seat.
03.01.15, 3p
Nashville, TN
Porch Writer's Collective Secret Show
Secret Show presented by The Porchfeaturing Robby Hecht, Alex Wong, and more. Check Korby's facebook page for details.
02.27.15, 8p
Nashville, TN
The Lucky Bamboo - $10
Presented by The Deli Nashville: Korby Lenker, Blackfoot Gypsies, Kelly Ruth, Twiggs & Side Project. Raffle including lovely locals like Walker Jewelry, Pinewood Social, Sack of Cats! + more. PurchaseTickets.
02.21.15, 12:50 AM
Kansas City, MO
FAI - M&M Presents Room #546 - Free to Badge holders
Korby plays Moors and McCumber Presents Room #546
02.20.15, 11p
Kansas City, MO
FAI - Wolverton Home Concerts Rm 750 - Free to Badge holders
Korby plays Rm 750 Wolverton Home Concerts Showcase.
02.18.15, 11:30 PM
Kansas City, MO
FAI - Wolverton Home Concerts Rm 750 - Free to Badge holders
Korby plays Rm 750 Wolverton Home Concerts Showcase.
02.05.15, 7p
Nashville, TN
The Basement - Free
Full band show. Molly Tuttle and The Lake Poets open. Dave Stewart presents. FREE
02.03.15, 6:30p
Nashville, TN
Riverwood Mansion - $40
Unbound Arts and 8 Lavender Lane pair themed dinners with a special series of East Side Storytellin' events the first and third Tuesday, 6:30-8:30 p.m., at historic Riverwood Mansion, January through March!
East Side Storytellin' is a bi-monthly live event, recorded and editted into an hour long podcast, presented by local bookseller, East Side Story located at 5 Points in East Nashville. You may hear each set in its entirety on SoundCloud.
Individual event pricing is subject to change based on the menu for the evening. But purchase the remaining series of 5 dinners now for only $40 per evening! Scrumptious menus will be thoughtfully prepared by 8 Lavender Lane to coincide with the theme of the evening. Complimentary beverages will be served.
Buy tix
01.25.15, 3:30pm
Twin Falls, ID
The Brickhouse - $10
Doors at 3pm. Music at 3:30pm.
Tickets are $10 at the door. Beverages and food will be available. The Brickhouse is opening just for this show!
@ClintWells pretty edgy post for me I know
2 hours ago
RT @advicetowriters : I was looking out of the window...and I just thought: “Boy doesn't know he's a wizard—goes off to wizard school.” https://t.co/0YCkfxH5YZ
3 hours ago
Went to the Y. Worked out. Took a shower. Got clothes out of locker. Forgot something at home. Going commando
6 hours ago

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