New Blog: ThousandSprings.org

Korby has created a new blog, documenting the making of his 7th studio album, Thousand Springs. The blog chronicles the unfolding story of the album's creation as Korby journeys across the country and overseas with a carload full of recording gear. The bulk of the recording will be done in Twin Falls, Idaho - Korby's hometown - and will take place in various locations known to Korby's formative years (his childhood home, the mortuary where his father worked, the church he grew up in) as well as several outdoor wilderness locations. Follow this unusual journey at thousandsprings.org.

Korby's first televised author interview

Korby was interviewed on Portland station KATU's show AM Northwest. Host Helen Raptis asked Korby about his alleged big head and the nature of being on tour with a cat. Watch the interview here.

Medium Hero National Book Tour begins today.


Get your Audio Autograph for Medium Hero

In the spirit of this quirky collection of short stories, I wanted to do something equally quirky for anyone who picks it up. SO, I'm trying this thing I call the Audio Autograph. What it means is, I'm sending a one-of-a-kind, personalized song to every person who buys a copy. It's an experiment, see? All you have to do is 1) purchase a copy of Medium Hero on amazon or your local bookstore and 2) send a picture (or forward an email) of the receipt to marketing@turnerpublishing.com . Sometime this December, we'll film me playing you a personalized song and send it your way. Fun right? Get at it! And if you like info, there's more of that here.

Medium Hero is out today on Turner Publishing

Order your copy today! Korby's first book is now available everywhere! Out on Turner Publishing, Korby's collection of 27 short stories is getting rave reviews from all comers! Says National Book Award winning author Tim O'Brien, Medium Hero is "distinctive, disarming, entertaining, and completely convincing. Apple Computers co-founder Steve Wozniak called Korby's stories "clever and well-crafted, with a tendency to linger in your mind long after you've finished reading. And Kirkus Reviews said that Medium Hero is "a quick, pleasurable set of short stories that track the emotional and intellectual struggle of several young men." These handsome books are perfectly sized to fit in your back pocket (or stocking!) and are just another iteration or Korby's quirky, heartfelt talent.

Kickstarter Campaign for Korby's New Album begins today

Very excited to announce the launch the kickstarter campaign for Korby's new album! Entitled "Thousand Springs", this new full length record will be recorded in Twin Falls Idaho - Korby's childhood home - and Nashville Tennessee. Watch the compelling video and see if the project speaks to you. Brand new music from Korby Lenker!
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I'm not sure for sure, but I think last night was the first time someone read a short story at the @citywinerynsh . People laughed a lot, so I think it was an ok move. Come see me tomorrow at @thebasementnash with @kristinbobistin . We will be wonderful! #Nashville 7pm
Awwww I love my @lisaloeb !! As lovely in person as in song. Such a fun night tonight at @citywinerynsh thanks y'all for coming! 📸: @thomasblue
Back in Nash, just unloaded the recording studio out of my car. Good thing Dempsey didn't come she would never have fit 🐱
In 2 hours I'm back in Nashville after more than a month of wandering all over the country. Playing Monday with @lisaloeb at the @citywinerynsh I hope you can make it! #thousandsprings
Me and @kristinbobistin made a video of our favorite NORMAN BLAKE song (and one of the greatest outlaw ballads of all time) Billy Gray. Watch the complete video at thousandsprings.org and if you live in Nashville, Kristin and I are playing at the Basement (west) this Wednewday at 7p. #NormanBlakeforPresident
I love this woman. My new friend Ladonna Brave Bull Allard. #standingrockreservation #lakota #chiefsittingbull
Have you ever driven two thousand miles to do something for a reason you barely understand? Yeah. It doesn't always go the way you want it to. Read more at thousandsprings.org #thousandsprings #chiefsittingbull
No big deal just getting intimate with a vaporizer
Was in Bellingham for less than 24 hours, long enough to drink a bottle of rootbeer and record my friend Bruce Shaw playing clawhammer banjo on a couple of the new songs. Wrote a short piece about that, and about the Bellingham bluegrass scene back when I lived there, on thousandsprings.org #originstory
Having that kind of day #joniforever
Hello from the inland plateau
My favorite story of Prince is the one Charlie Murphy told on the Dave Chapelle show where the icon hosted a basketball game at his house after hours, beat everyone (while dressed in full on club clothes), and cooked pancakes afterwards. Watch it and love Prince.
Just had a rad session with my favorite mandolin player @johnreischman and his 1924 Loar. We played Friend and a Friend, Her Heart is Like a Rose, and a new one called Nothing Really Matters. Making music with your heroes is a good feeling #thousandsprings
It's a new #thousandsprings tradition! Everyone who plays on my record gets a polaroid photo taken, because pictures you can hold are better than pictures you look at on your phone. Thank you to @annativel and @jeffreymartinmusic for joining me on this crazy ride!
Recording with this talented young lady today @annativel #fiddle #singing #thousandsprings
Me and Uncle Don got a chance to sit down yesterday and play some songs. He's 90 years old, still tearing it up. He was also the first person in my family I knew who played music. When I was 7, he brought over a piano, tuned it, and started me off on what has turned into 20 years of music and adventures. We sat down yesterday and played some songs. It was a true joy and I wrote about it at thousandsprings.org
Sunset at the confluence of the Boise and the Snake. #thousandsprings
Good morning
Haven't spoken out loud in 4 days and it's been awesome. I just posted a new song called "Love is oh so Patient" that I recorded on an upright piano in a little cabin north of Sun Valley. Also I wrote about being afraid of all this. ThousandSprings.org 🌌 Link in bio unless my little sister took it down
Instagram Photo
Happy 100th birthday Beverly Cleary!
Recorded yesterday at #cratersofthemoon. Made surreal music to go with the landscape. Also camped there, and woke up in the middle of the night afraid of mountain lions and decided to do something about it. Ridiculous follies ensued, which I wrote about on the ThousandSprings.org blog 🦁🤕
This is the mechanical elevator at White Mortuary in Twin Falls Idaho. It's powered by pulling on that black rubber cable. I recorded there all day yesterday. Read what I wrote about the experience on my blog, thousandsprings.org. Link in bio 💀
Spent all day in the studio #thousandsprings
Everyone is very excited that I'm making a record in my hometown #TwinFalls #Idaho #ThousandSprings
Just asked the Sioux Tribe if I can record my song "Last Man Standing" in Standing Rock, South Dakota where Chief Sitting Bull is buried. He was a bold man and an inspired leader and I would be humbled to sing for him in the place where he rests.
Guys I'm getting my picture in the Times News, immutable newspaper of Twin Falls Idaho and the greater Magic Valley. My 9 year old self would think I'm famous 💫🤘🏻
Instagram Photo
Right before I left Nashville for Idaho I learned this @anaismitchell song, Geordie. The first time I heard it, I had just downloaded the Child Ballads record onto the phone and I was driving home from the Kerrville Folk Festival in '13 or '14 and this song came on and I almost crashed my car into Turtle Creek. The story was so sad and the singing and playing so beautiul...anyway last week I pretty much did nothing productive but sit in my room playing guitar aimlessly, and I kind of worked this one up. My roommmate helped me shoot a quick video in my front yard and last night I edited the thing together. @hamer .jefferson you are a badass guitar player and Anais you are the queen and I hope my version does yours some justice. ❤️💛 link in bio
Planes, trains, plains #Kansas
Smiling because last night's motel in Salinas Kansas only cost $35. Also I'm driving west, from NASHVILLE to IDAHO, to start recording my 7th album, THOUSAND SPRINGS. Have a carload full of instruments and recording gear and I'm fixin to have myself a proper adventure. Here's what I got: 20 new songs 1999 Martin D-18vm 1963 Gibson LG Baritone Ukulele I bought from a guy in a parking lot 2 soprano ukes, one of which is mostly plastic 1975 Peavey T60, a guitar I am made fun of for loving Appalachian dulcimer my mom sent me Fiddle I stole from my brother 20 years ago Apollo Twin loaded with my favorite UA plug-ins Oxygen8 2 octave midi controller 2015 Mojave 301FET condenser mic 2014 Sennheiser 935 1989 Shure SM57 1 pair AKG K701 Reference Headphones Modified Canon 7D + tripod and dolly, for filming A couple laptops Modified 2001 Fender Blues Jr amp 1 crate of paperbacks, for recreation 1 bottle bourbon (Jefferson's single barrel), for same Way too many shoes
Dempsey on dashboard. The team is almost home
05.04.16, 7pm
Nashville, TN
The Basement (West) - $7 adv $10 doors
with Kristin Andreassen. Doors 6p, music 7p. Buy tickets here.
05.11.16, 8pm
Chicago, IL
Uncommon Ground - $10
Ensure your seat by making a reservation. Click this or call 773-465-9801
05.13.16, 5pm
Madison, WI
High Noon Saloon - $5
with Corey Mathew Hart. $5 Tickets here
05.15.16, 7pm
Minneapolis, MN
Karen Cooper's - $15 suggested donation
Doors at 6:30. Music at 7pm. Email to RSVP and reserve your seat.
05.17.16, 8pm
Replugged - 8 EURO, 10 EURO
with Skolka. Doors at 7:30p music at 8p.
05.20.16, 7p
Grace's - 10 Euros
Email to reserve your seat.
08.07.16, 7p
Medford, OR
Concerts at the Wood's - $20 suggested donation
Korby plays a solo show at The Woods'. Very limited seating. Social Hour begins at 6pm. Music starts at 7pm. RSVP to reserve your seat.
05.02.16, 8p
Nashville, TN
City Winery - supporting Lisa Loeb - $25 - 35
opening for Lisa Loeb. Doors 6p, music 8p. Buytix here.
04.29.16, 7:30 pm
Columbia, MO
Merry Ellen's House Show Spectacular - $15 suggested donation.
Doors open 6:30 pm. Music at 7:30. Reserve your seat here.
04.07.16, 7:30pm
Twin Falls, ID
Roper Auditorium - $9adv, $13 dos, Student tix $5 adv
Twin Falls native returns to his hometown to play a special one-night-only show. All seating is general admission. Doors open at 6:30. Music begins at 7:30. BUY TICKETS
Memphis, TN
(private event)
03.13.16, 7pm
Austin, TX
Rawhide Trail Concerts - $20 suggested donation
Korby returns to play a Rawhide Trail Concert. Potluck begins at 5:30, Music Starts at 7p You must be on the email list at Rawhide Trail Concerts to attend. Visit website.
03.12.16, 7:30 pm
Denton, TX
Korby performs a benefit for the Kristin Farmer Autism Center at the University of North Texas. "Special Mister Ed" opens. Private show, email to inquire.
03.11.16, 7pm
Dallas, TX
The Wild Detectives - Free
Korby reads from his new book Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album Hidden Lakes. Doors at 6:30 Reading begins at 7pm.
03.09.16, 7:30
Nashville, TN
ANGELHOUSE SOUTH - $5 suggested donation - goes to charity
DOERS AND DREAMERS tour wraps in Nashville at Angelhouse South. $5 suggestion donation goes to Helping Hands Nashville. Very Limited Seating RSVP to reserve your seat.
03.07.16, 7pm
Mabelton, GA
FLEURYHOUSE - #20 Suggested Donation
Doers and Dreamers Tour with Megan Slankard and Alex Wong! Email to reserve your seat.
03.06.16, 8pm
Atlanta, GA
03.05.16, 8pm
Richmond, VA
Richmond Bed and Breakfast - $5 suggested donation
03.04.16, TBA
Baltimore, MD
Kessell HC
Details TBA
03.02.16, 8pm
Cambridge, MA
DOERS AND DREAMERS TOUR with Korby Lenker, Alex Wong, Megan Slankard. Doors 7pm, Music 8pm. $15 ga / $13 members. Get TIX here.
03.01.16, 9:30 EST
DOERS AND DREAMERS special online show. Korby, Alex and Megan sing songs you've heard and haven't heard, together and separately. Pay What You Want. Go here to and claim your spot: http://bit.ly/1W8C6xu
02.29.16, 8:30pm
New York, NY
DOERS AND DREAMERS TOUR: KORBY LENKER, ALEX WONG, MEGAN SLANKARD. Doors 8:15 Music 8:30. Tickets $10. Get tix here.
02.27.16, 8pm
Philadelphia, PA
WORLD CAFE LIVE (Upstairs) - $12 adv - $15 dos
DOERS AND DREAMERS tour with Korby Lenker, Alex Wong, and Megan Slankard. Doors at 7p Music at 8p. $12adv $15 at the door. Buy tix here.
02.26.16, 8pm
Falls Church, VA
STONE ROOM CONCERTS at Falls Church Episcopal - FREE
Korby Lenker, Megan Slankard & Alex Wong: THE DOERS AND DREAMERS TOUR. Doors at 7p, music at 8p.
02.25.16, 8p
Pittsburgh, PA
PITTSBURGH WINERY - $10 adv $15 at the door
The DOERS AND DREAMERS TOUR continues with Alex Wong and Megan Slankard. Doors at 7:30p, Music at 8p. Tix $10. Buy Tickets Here
02.24.16, 7pm
Spring Lake, MI
SEVEN STEPS UP - $20 reserved seats $30 reserved table seats
Doers and Dreamers Tour with Alex Wong and Megan Slankard. Join us for this special evening of award-winning songs, great playing and harmony singing. Limited seating. Reserve yours here.
02.23.16, 7:30 pm
Chicago (Evanston), IL
S P A C E - $12 - $22
Second date of the DOERS AND DREAMERS TOUR with Alex Wong and Megan Slankard. Doors at 6:30p, music at 7:30p. Tickets $12 - $22 advance purchase recommended. Buy tix here.
02.21.16, 5pm
Des Moines, ID
GRAVEL ROAD CONCERTS - $20 suggested donation
First show of the DOERS AND DREAMERS TOUR featuring Megan Slankard and Alex Wong. Doors at 4p music at 5p. Email to reserve your seat and receive address.
02.20.16, 1:15AM
Kansas City, MO
Hootenanny in Room 601
Korby performs at 1:15AM
02.20.16, 10:50pm
Kansas City, MO
Showcase 10:50pm Saturday Moors and McCumber Rm#
02.19.16, 10:30pm
Kansas City, MO
Showcase 10:30pm Friday Craig Grossman Rm#
02.19.16, 11:50 pm
Kansas City, MO
11:50pm Ken Gaines Showcase rm #633
02.19.16, 3:30pm
Kansas City, MO
with Devon Sproule and Madison Malone 3:30pm Wisconsin Room #543
02.18.16, 2am
Kansas City, MO
ISC Songwriting Comp Room #756
Korby plays at 2AM
02.18.16, 12:10am
Kansas City, MO
12:10am in Moors and McCumber showcase rm #546
02.18.16, 11:30pm
Kansas City, MO
MPRESS Showcase 11:30pm Rm #542
02.17.16, 7 pm
Iowa City, IA
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes."
02.17.16, 1:50 AM
Kansas City, MO
Showcase in Momentary Love Management 1:50AM room #601
02.16.16, 6:30 pm
Des Moines, IA
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his award-winning catalogue. 6:30 pm
02.15.16, 7pm
Minneapolis, MN
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his award-winning catalogue. Teague Alexy opens.
02.14.16, TBA
St. Paul, MN
MUSICIAN'S CORNER - Valentines Day Special - $20 suggested donation per couple
Special intimate Valentine's Day Show. Suggested Donation $20 per couple. RSVP for reserve your table and get address.
Barrington, IL
private event
02.12.16, 7pm
Milwaukee, WI
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes."
02.11.16, 6:30pm
Chicago, IL
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and plays songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
02.10.16, 6pm
Indianapolis, IN
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album Hidden Lakes.
02.05.16, 8pm
Nashville, TN
BAND TOGETHER 1989 at City Winery - $35 - 75
Band Together 1989, featuring songs from Taylor Swift's album 1989 or from the year 1989. Featuring Matthew Perryman Jones, Aubrey Peeples, Griffin House, Morgan Myles, Zeke Duhon and more. Benefit for Musician's Corner in Nashville. 6p doors, 8p start. Tix $35 - 75.Buy Tickets
02.02.16, 7p
San Francisco, CA
Korby reads from his book Medium Hero and performs songs from his newest album, Hidden Lakes. Event is free and begins at 7p.
01.31.16, 7pm
Portland, OR
WHITE EAGLE - $10 adv
Korby plays songs from his latest release and reads from his book Medium Hero. "Hidden Lakes"
with Anna Tivel
and Jeffery Martin. Buy Tickets
01.30.16, tba
Seattle, WA
SEATTLE LIVING ROOM SECRET SHOW - $15 suggested donation
Korby plays a show for venerated series Seattle Living Room Shows. Details tba
01.29.16, 7pm
Seattle, WA
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.28.16, 6:30p
Bellingham, WA
Korby does a reading for Medium Hero and a music performance. 6:30pm. Tickets are $5, available here.
01.27.16, 7pm
Spokane, WA
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.24.16, 3pm
Missoula, MT
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes." 3pm
01.23.16, 7:30pm
Alta, WY
DON RAD'S - Suggested donation $15. RSVP by email for venue address. dradkoski@gmail.com
Korby returns to the Jackson Hole basin to perform at Don and Susan's house. Potluck at 6pm, music begins at 7:30. Email to reserve your seat. We'll email you venue address.
01.22.16, 7pm
Sun Valley, ID
Korby does a reading of Medium Hero performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes." 7pm
01.21.16, 7pm
Boise, ID
Korby does a reading of Medium Hero and a short music performance. 7pm Free.
01.20.16, 7pm
Pocatello, ID
Korby returns to Highline. 7pm. $3 for Students. $10 GA
Salt Lake City, UT
Book Reading and music performance for Medium Hero. Doors 6:30. Reading begins at 7pm.
01.17.16, 1pm
Worthington, OH 43085, OH
McConnell Arts Center - No charge
Songs at the Center
(Taping for Public Television Show)
Season 2 Finale shoot of PBS series "Songs at the Center. Come be part of the television audience!
Korby will appear alongside Willie Phoenix, Brennen Leigh, Steve Goodie and more.
01.16.16, 7pm
Columbus, OH
Heindog's Private - whatever Dave says
intimate gathering with friends and songs. By invite only.
01.15.16, 1pm
Youngstown, OH
Korby reads from Medium Hero and plays a few songs from his forthcoming album "Hidden Lakes."
01.15.16, 5pm
Youngstown, OH
SUZIE'S DOGS AND CRAFTS - Free to students
Korby performs songs from his latest album "Hidden Lakes."
01.14.16, 7pm
Buffalo, NY
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.13.16, 7pm
Cleveland, OH
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.11.16, 6:30pm
Doylestown, PA
Korby reads stories from Medium Hero and performs songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.10.16, 2 PM
Boston, MA
Korby reads from his new book Medium Hero and plays from his latest Album "Hidden Lakes."
01.09.16, 7pm
Chapel Hill, NC
Queen Carol's - $15 suggested donation
Korby performs songs from his most recent album "Hidden Lakes" plus other favorites. Limited seating. RSVP here to ensure your spot.
01.09.16, 2 pm
Pittsboro, NC
Korby reads from and discusses Medium Hero. Additionally, he will perform a few songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.08.16, 6 pm
Arlington, VA
Wine tasting at 6p. At 6:30p Korby reads from and discusses Medium Hero. Additionally, he will perform a few songs from his latest album, "Hidden Lakes."
01.04.16, 7p
Franklin, TN
KIMBRO'S CAFE - Williamson Co Democratic Party Fundraiser - $10 suggested donation
Come out and support! with Claudia Nygaard. Korby at 7p, Claudia at 8p.
12.01.15, tba
Nashville, TN
Parnassus Books - BOOK RELEASE FOR MEDIUM HERO! - Free
Come celebrate the official release of Medium Hero! I'll do a reading and sign some books and probably play a song or two. An exciting day for me, I hope you can come!
Millsboro, DE
The Independence
with Jesse Terry, Sol Knopf, Craig Bickhardt. Details TBA.
Courtlandt Manor, NY
The Music Room
with Jesse Terry. More info TBA
11.20.15, 8p
Mt Airy, MD
Susie and Soda - $20 suggested donation
With Jesse Terry. $20 suggested donation. Doors at 7p. Music at 8p. Very limited seating RSVP to reserve yours
11.19.15, 8pm
Philadelphia (Phoenixville), PA
Steel City Coffeehouse - $15 adv $18 day of show
In the Round with Jesse Terry, Lizanne Knott. Doors at 7pm. Music at 8p. Tickets $15adv $18 day of Buy tickets here.
11.17.15, 8pm
Spring Lake, MI
Seven Steps Up - $20 - 30
with Jesse Terry. A pindrop concert. Limited seating, buy tickets here.
11.14.15, 1am Musical Chairs Showcase
Kerhonkson, NY
NERFA - $110 for FAI Members
Musical Chairs Showcase 1am
11.13.15, 11:45p Cup of Joe Showcase
Kerhonkson, NY
NERFA - $110 for FAI Members
Cup of Joe Showcase 11:45pm
11.12.15, 12:15 - 12:45 Jane's Joint Showcase
Kerhonkson, NY
NERFA - $110 for FAI Members
Jane's Joint Showcase 12:15 - 12:45
11.11.15, 8pm
Galway, NY
Cock and Bull - See website
with David Moss. Doors 7p, music at 8p.
11.10.15, 7:30pm
Albany, NY
David Moss' Uncle's Friend's House Concert - $20 suggested donation
with David Moss. Doors at 7p Music at 7:30.
Limited Seating. RSVP to reserve yours.
11.08.15, 7:30pm
Asbury Park, NJ
Rosie's Cafe - $20 suggested donation
Solo Show. Doors 7p. Music begins at 7:30. $20 suggested donation. Limited Seating, RSVP to reserve and receive address.
10.31.15, TBA
Nashville, TN
Killer Nashville - $150 for one-day ticket
Korby plays at the Killer Nashville Writer's Conference. Buy tix here.
10.10.15, 4:30PM
Nashville, TN
Southern Festival of Books - Signing - Free
Korby signs copies of his forthcoming book Medium Hero with most likely a black Sharpie.
10.10.15, 1PM
Nashville, TN
Southern Festival of Books - Performance - Free
As part of the celebration for his forthcoming book Medium Hero, Korby performs with keyboardist Lucas Leigh at the Music stage at War Memorial Plaza. Corner of 6th and Charlotte
10.10.15, 3pm
Nashville, TN
Southern Festival of Books - Panel Discussion - Free
Panel discussion for Medium Hero at SFB. Unmasking the Ordinary: Short Stories of Layered Lives with Korby Lenker, Cate McGowan, Michael Gerhard Martin. At the Nashville Public Library Banner Room.
09.26.15, 7:30pm
Marietta, GA
Fleury HC - $20 suggested donation
Solo show at House of Jason. Limited space. RSVP here to reserve your seat. We will email you the address.
09.19.15, 7p
Scipio Center, NY
Solo Show. Doors at 6p. Music at 7p. RSVP here.
09.12.15, 8p
Kanno HC - TBA
Korby plays a house concert in Hamburg. Limited Seating, RSVP to reserve yours.
09.11.15, 8pm
Koenig HC - TBA
Korby plays a house show in Uelzen. Doors 7pm. Music at 8pm. Limited Seating. RSVP to reserve yours.
09.10.15, 8pm
Music starts at 8pm.
09.07.15, 8:30p
Cardiff, WALES
The Brewhouse - Free
Korby appears on Big Scott Radio's Original's Night.
09.05.15, 8pm - 10pm
Treherbert, WALES
The Dunraven Hotel - 10 suggested donation
Solo Acoustic performance. Doors 7p. Music at 8.
09.04.15, 8pm - 10pm
Bethlehem, WALES
Village Hall
Solo acoustic at Bethlehem Hall.
Doors at 7p. Music at 8p.
Limited Seating RSVP here for your tickets.
09.03.15, 7:30pm
Sunderland UK
The Independent
The gathering
Doors at 6:30p. Music at 7:30p.
09.02.15, 7:30
London UK
The Harrison
with Andew Butler, The Worry Dolls, and more.
Doors at 7p.
Music at 7:30
08.23.15, 7p
Seattle (Woodenville), WA
Chateau Ste Michele - Opening for Chris Isaak - $55 - $85
opening for Chris Isaak. Click here for more info.
08.21.15, 7:30pm
Jacksonville, OR
08.05.15, 8p
Bellingham, WA
Green Frog Acoustic Tavern - $10
Korby returns to Bellingham Washington, to play Bellingham's best listening room, The Green Frog. with Jesse Terry. Doors 7p. Music at 8p. Tickets are $10.
Seattle, WA
Private house show
with Jesse Terry. email to reserve your seats
08.02.15, 8pm
Seattle, WA
Columbia City Theater - $10 adv $12 at the door
Very excited to share this theater show with Jesse Terry and Seattle favorite Zarni de Wet. Doors 7pm. Music starts at 8p. Limited Seating. Get your tickets today. BUY TIX
08.01.15, 8pm
Bainbridge Island, WA
Treehouse Cafe - $12 adv $15 at the door
with Jesse Terry. Door open 7pm. Music starts 8pm. $12 adv $15 at the door. BUY TIX
07.31.15, 8pm
Portland, OR
Alberta Rose Theater - $12 advance
with Jesse Terry and Tyler Fortier. Join us for this very special show in Portland's premier venue. Doors open at 7p. Music begins at 8p.
Buy Tickets Here.
07.30.15, 7:30pm
Sandpoint, ID
DiLuna's - $10
with Jesse Terry. Doors at 5:30 pm music at 7:30.
Tickets $10, available at DiLunas or by calling 208.263.0846. Reservations required in order to ensure seating. Dinner served before the show.
07.29.15, 7:30 pm
Spokane, WA
Chateau Rive at the Flour Mill - $10
Korby plays the first date of his summer tour with Jesse Terry. Doors at 7p. Music at 7:30. Tickets $10.Buy Tickets Here
07.20.15, 7p
Twin Falls, ID
Daisher HC - Pay what you want donation
Korby plays a special show in the town where he grew up, in sight of the ramp where Evil Kineval tried to leap the Snake River Canyon. Come hang and have fun with us. RSVP to reserve your seat!
07.19.15, 5pm
Stanley, ID
Music from Stanley - Free
Korby plays a set at Redfish Lake Lodge as part of the Music from Stanley series. Parts of Korby's set will be rebroadcast on regional NPR. Music runs from 5 - 7pm.
Dempsey killed two birds this morning. Bad kitty? Good kitty?
11 hours ago
CHICAGO. Coming to @BookExpoAmerica next week & playing a show at @uncommongrd Wed May 11! http://bit.ly/ChicagoShow https://t.co/0eXNDobxvC
12 hours ago
Join @kristinand & me tomorrow night at the Basement! 7pm Special guests + I might read a story. http://tktwb.tw/1PI7lu7 #MayThe4thBeWithYou
13 hours ago

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